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Short-term (up to 1 year) goals

Analyzing the current situation, international experience and actions of the Ukrainian government, we came to the conclusion that restrictions on the work of the restaurant industry by the state will occur until mid-2021. Currently, the main efforts are aimed at removing the restrictions on the work of the industry by the state as soon as possible through cooperation with the authorities at various levels ( on activities and results in 2020 ).

Medium-term (up to 3 years) goals

1. Reduced VAT rate of 7% to bring the business out of the shadows. We are the first in the industry to initiate this important issue in 2020 and are working to address it.
2. Introduction of the concept of tax-free internship for young (new) employees

3. Legalization of delivery of alcoholic beverages and cocktails by public catering establishments.

4. Creation and participation in the state programs of development of internal gastrotourism and local kitchen.


Media, PR

1. Security of visiting restaurants. The introduction of quarantine has made restaurants "dangerous and contagious", which reduces the number of guests.

2. The need to support restaurants in difficult times by guests, politicians, public figures.

3. Informing the society about the high social value of the industry. We employ a large number of people who do not go to the labor exchange for benefits and do not go to work and live abroad.

4. Popularization of restaurant professions: chef, waiter, bartender, etc.


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