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Donnet on the implementation of the goals of the URA

You can make a donation (provide assistance) for the implementation of the program of the Ukrainian Restaurant Association. The size and frequency of contributions are not regulated and is your personal choice.


Details of the Ukrainian Restaurant Association


To pay by card account:


5169 3305 3002 6670

(Corporate card of the association)


To pay from a current account:

non-profit organization

Recipient's name: GS "Ukrainian Restaurant Association" (abbreviated SOG URA GS)

Recipient code: 43621475

IBAN recipient account: UA833052990000026004006218602

Name of the Bank: JSC CB "PRIVATBANK"

Purpose of payment: voluntary donation for the implementation of the statutory activities of GS "URA".

payment can be from an organization, individual or anonymous

By paying the payment, you consent to the processing of personal data

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