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Association of industry professionals created to solve over-competitive problems. The tasks are large-scale and their solutions are beyond the reach of single, even large representatives of the industry. We unite when the healthy competition ends and the "voice of the industry" is needed. We are heard by the government and the society. We are effective and proactive in solving common problems.

Areas of activity

· Lobbying the interests of the industry;

· Development of talents;

· Professional education.

· Food safety;

· Development of gastrotourism;

Who do we work for?

HoReCa employs every 20th working person in Ukraine.

This large industry requires solutions to protect its interests and development.

Membership policy

Association of public catering establishments, related organizations and specialized educational institutions based on the principles of voluntariness, mutual assistance,

revenue and industry development.


Our Vision  - a prosperous community of catering establishments, whose activities contribute to the development of taste, hospitality and higher quality of life of Ukrainians.

As our mission  we see serving the development of the restaurant industry and ensuring its success. To do this we: increase operational efficiency, reduce risks and develop talents; increase and protect the viability of business at the national and local levels; we stimulate the exchange of experience and cooperation of industry representatives.

Our Goals  - ambitious, noble, achievable:

1. Promotion and dissemination of key values: hospitality, cooperation, trust and professionalism.

2. Improving interaction with central and local authorities;

3. Development of the ecosystem of the restaurant business in Ukraine, its transformation into the Gastrocenter of Western Europe;

4. Promoting food security;

5. Comprehensive support of members of the association;

6. Development of professional education, establishing effective interaction between the educational institutions and the restaurant companies - employers.

Budgeting and financing

Association - is a public organization operating under the Statute, the Constitution of Ukraine, the Tax Code, the Law "On Public Associations" and other laws of Ukraine.

The Association is a non-profit organization funded by members of the association and voluntary donations. Non-profit organization means that the funds raised are used to implement the goals and objectives of the URA.

Basic cost items:

  • Labor cost 

  • overheads

  • transportation costs

  • advertising and PR

  • lobbying

Working groups (permanent or project) are formed based on the available budget and the selected programs.


Every day the members of the association present, discuss and resolve various professional issues in a private group chat (available only for members of the association). The highest governing body is the General Meeting of the Association, which is held annually. At the General Meeting, in particular, elections of the President (every 2 years) and elections of the Supervisory Board (every 2 years) are held.  

If you share our goals and objectives, become a member of URA!


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