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Ukrainian Restaurant Association is a public organization founded in 2020. All activities are aimed at resolving exclusively non-competitive issues related to the activities of the catering industry in Ukraine. The reports list the (main) points of the work performed and indicate the results in the achievement of which the Ukrainian Restaurant Association took a direct part.

Report on work performed and results for 2021.

12/16/21 Consultation on the obligation to remove snow near your facility or store.


12/13/21 Consultation on the use of plastic bags.


12/14/21 An online consultation "Raising quality indicators in the restaurant. + 25% myth or reality? Analysis of cases ".


11/26/21 A second request was sent to the Chairman of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine Kucher VO to change the local Rules of sewage acceptance in terms of eliminating regulatory barriers to the development of restaurant and other businesses.


11/26/21 An official letter was sent to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Shmygal DA with a request to help the restaurant industry and offer to spend "Kovidna thousand" in catering establishments.


11/16/21 Clarification of innovations in Commodity Accounting in FOP.


11/8/21 More than 1000 restaurants of Ukraine took part in the URA flash mob "This place is safe"


11/4/21 An online meeting was held with the head of the State Food and Consumer Services in Kyiv Oleh Ruban - questions were asked by restaurateurs on how to work in the Red Zone and what inspections to expect.


11/01/21 An online consultation "New quarantine restrictions: working conditions, certificates, inspections and fines" was conducted.


10/7/21 Start of the All-Ukrainian flash mob "This institution is safe".


09/30/21 Open free consultations on tax and management accounting and legal issues were held in Kyiv.


09/30/21 There was a presentation to the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko, the head of the State Food and Consumer Service of Kyiv Oleg Ruban and restaurateurs of Ukraine project "100%. It is safe in this institution. "


09/29/21 The explanation of new rules of work with alcohol in public catering establishments is carried out.


09/27/21 An appeal was sent to the State Tax Service of Ukraine to clarify changes to the Regulations on the form and content of settlement documents and electronic documents.


09/21/21 A meeting was held at the Ministry of Economy on the topic of unification of rules for registration of summer playgrounds in Ukraine.


09/21/21 An appeal was sent to the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Health for clarifications on the new quarantine rules.


08/17/21 An appeal was sent to the Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Iryna Yuriyivna Novikova with a request to change the procedure for approving the placement of summer playgrounds of stationary food establishments at the national level.


08/5/21 Representatives of URA took part in an industry online conference for Polish entrepreneurs on the topic: "HoReCa Ukraine Online".


07/29/21 Conducted online legal consultation "Inspections of the State Food and Consumer Services: HACCP and other issues"


06/28/21 A proposal was submitted to the Chairman of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine Oleksiy Volodymyrovych Kucher to improve the regulatory framework in the field of water supply and sewerage.


07/19/21 We are starting cooperation with higher education institutions that specialize in training specialists for the industry. The first "boss" project is a modern training laboratory of technologies in the field of hotel and restaurant business on the basis of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Continuing Education and Tourism of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULES of Ukraine).


07.07.21 "URA Breakfast" was organized and held - a meeting with members of the association, reports from speakers, discussion of hot topics.


07/06/21 An online workshop "Taxes in a restaurant: how to pay less without breaking the law" was held.


06/14/21 A meeting was held with the head of the Main Department of the State Food and Consumer Service in Kyiv Oleg Ruban on the transition of the country and Kiev to the green zone.


05/31/21 Restaurants and cafes are open 24 hours a day, as well as nightclubs.


05/31/21 A call was sent to the President and Parliament not to deviate from the declared intentions and not to support the Memorandum initiated by the National Bank of Ukraine and international payment systems on the gradual reduction of the interbank commission (interchanging) to 0.9% (three times the commission set by the EU Regulation 751).


05/24/2021 The Bill on 7% VAT for the restaurant industry has been submitted. The author of the bill is Oleksiy Leonov, a member of the URA Supervisory Board and a People's Deputy of Ukraine.


04/26/21 We join the all-Ukrainian flashmob "We want to work!"


04/22/21 An online workshop "SMM. Comprehensive promo of the institution on social networks "


04/15/21 General meeting of the Ukrainian Restaurant Association. At the meeting elected Trakhachova SO president of the association; the composition of the Supervisory Board was elected; the basic principles of work and development of the association were voted.


04/12/21 Public statement on the need for legislative reduction of interchange commissions issued - in response to the Joint Statement of Oschadbank, PrivatBank and Raiffeisen  Bank Aval dated April 2, 2021.


4/1/21 An application has been sent for the issuance of travel permits for public catering workers.


03/24/21 Press conference in UNIAN on the topic of legislative regulation of the cost of acquiring and interchanging.


03/18/21 The Minister of Culture is setting up a Working Group on Crisis Management in Quarantine and Intensified Anti-Epidemic Measures. The group includes representatives of the restaurant industry: President of the Ukrainian Restaurant Association Serhiy Trakhachev; member of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Restaurant Association and Director of Stereo Plaza Group LLC Maksym Shulzhenko;  Andriy Khudo, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Holding Emotions! FEST LLC. In total, the Working Group consists of 20 members.


03/17/21 An appeal has been sent to the President of Ukraine to regulate the maximum amount of acquiring at the legislative level and the interbank commission (interchanging): we believe that the total amount of commission for acquiring services should not exceed 0.7% -1%.


01/26/21 An appeal was sent to the Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov with a request to lift restrictions on restaurants after 23:00 and until 7:00.


01/22/21 An online consultation "New Ministry of Health Resolution and Language Law: What is Important to Consider for a Restaurateur?"


01/19/21 The Kyiv City Council has decided to introduce 50% of the payment (first installment) for summer playgrounds for those who did not pay the first installment in 2020 or put the playground for the first time in 2021.


Report on work performed and results for 2020.

30.12.20 The Ministry of Health released restaurants from the obligation to use rubber gloves at work (Ministry of Health Resolution №57)

12/24/20 Tereza Dashtoyan's workshop "Delivery Marketing" for URA members.

23.12.20 The Cabinet of Ministers allowed the work of restaurants on New Year's Eve until 7 am

20.12.20 Appeal to the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the complete lifting of temporary restrictions on the operation of restaurants on New Year's Eve.

15.12.20 meeting at the Kyiv City State Administration. Issues: simplification of procedures for issuing documents for summer and seasonal sites; extension of the preferential rate for a share payment of UAH 1 in 2021; the possibility of placing places for trade near catering establishments under a simplified procedure; simplification of the procedure for obtaining permits for signs.


14.12.20 Issuance of one-time assistance to restaurateurs from the state through the application ACTION (UAH 8,000)


09.12.20 Extension of restaurant opening hours until 23-00


09.12.20 New Year will take place in restaurants. URA initiated this issue and we managed to get permission to work on New Year's Eve until 1.00.


02.12.20 The Cabinet of Ministers abolished the quarantine of the day off in Ukraine.


27.11.20 Detailed list of actions in case of HACCP inspection of restaurants by the State Food and Consumer Service.


11/25/20 Survey on rent payment: "Did the landlords agree to reduce the payment in connection with the introduction of weekend quarantine?"


On November 25, 20, the Resolution came into force, according to which the Government must warn in advance about the increase of quarantine.


On November 23, 2020, the draft Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine and Certain Legislative Acts” was developed (“On Additional Support of Business Entities for the Period of Measures to Prevent the Occurrence and Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)”).


19.11.20 Meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration OV Kharchenko. In the case of a general lockdown, the city authorities promise to ease the burden on business - not to collect or defer certain contributions to the budget. URA raised the issue of the possibility of takeaway trade in a restaurant under a simplified procedure.


19.11.20 URA meeting with Oleh Ruban, Head of the Main Department of the State Food and Consumer Service in Kyiv. The inefficiency of the weekend quarantine and the need to coordinate the actions of the authorities with the business before the introduction of new restrictions were discussed.


14.11.20 Meeting with restaurateurs of Kyiv, representatives of chains and independent restaurants. Discussion of plans to further protect the industry from the tyranny of the authorities.


13.11.20 Meeting with the Minister of Health M. Stepanov. There was an exchange of views, an attempt to convince of the ineffectiveness of weekend quarantine, an attempt to obtain confirmation of calculations from the authorities on the effectiveness of the introduction of weekend quarantine.


13.11.20 Petition to the President "No day off quarantine" is gaining 25,000 votes in 2 days.


12.11.20 Meeting with the Chief Sanitary Doctor Viktor Lyashko. A compromise has been promised by the authorities - the abolition of temporary restrictions on the operation of public catering establishments on weekdays, the abolition of rubber gloves and a moratorium on inspections during quarantine.


11.11.20 Meeting with the Minister of Economic Development and Trade I. Petrashko. The requirements to the authorities for assistance and compensation of business losses from quarantine at the expense of the state were discussed.


11.11.20 A peaceful protest action of restaurateurs # I have the right to work in 23 cities of Ukraine was organized and held. Kyiv - Cabinet of Ministers, regional centers - local regional state administrations and city councils.


05.11.20 Appeal to the President regarding the inadmissibility of introducing weekend quarantine for the restaurant industry.


21.10.20 Consultation "New quarantine restrictions. How to act under new conditions ".


31.07.20 An infographic has been prepared on the peculiarities of the work of public catering establishments under the new (from 01.08.20) rules of adaptive quarantine.


31.07.20 Ilya Demkovsky's master class "Dishes for delivery and in a restaurant: what's the difference".


23.07.20 Appeal to the Chief Sanitary Doctor Lyashko VK on amendments to Resolution №32 in order to reduce quarantine requirements for restaurants.


23.07.20 A decision was made (at the request of URA dated 28.04.20) of the Kyiv City State Administration to reduce the share contribution for summer and all-season sites for 2020 to UAH 1 and to transfer the payment to 2021.


21.07.20 Consultation of restaurateurs of the country "On the basis of which the police draw up reports on violations of" quarantine "legislation?".


17.07.20 The authorities allowed the restaurants of Zakarpattia, Volyn and Lviv to open restaurant halls and extended their working hours!


16.07.20 Meeting with the Head of the Lviv Regional State Administration. Main topics: - removal of temporary restrictions on the work of restaurants in Lviv region; unification of the algorithm of verification and prevention of abuse of power; cooperation of restaurant business with profile educational institutions.


16.07.20 Lecture for members of URA "Trends 2020 in the restaurant business. Update forecasts »


14.07.20 Appeal to the Prime Minister regarding the lifting of temporary restrictions on the operation of catering establishments in Ukraine.


11.07.20 Meeting of URA with restaurateurs of Zakarpattia and local authorities, the topic of which was the possibility of removing restrictions on the opening hours of restaurants in the region.


08.07.20 A meeting was organized and held for Kharkiv restaurateurs with the regional authorities on inspections of the State Food and Consumer Service, the police, the Ministry of Health, clarification of the requirements of inspectors in the region.


07.07.20 Consultation "Hookahs in public catering establishments: lawyers' view" organized and conducted for URA members


06.07.20 Meeting in Lutsk with the Deputy Head of the Volyn Regional State Administration Oleksandr Trokhanenko. The main topics of the meeting: lifting restrictions on work until 22:00, as well as work in the halls (in Volyn still work only on summer playgrounds).


06.07.20 A meeting was organized and held for Poltava restaurateurs with the regional State Food and Consumer Service for inspections, clarification of the requirements of inspectors in the Poltava region.


01.07.20 Conducting an all-Ukrainian survey aimed at clarifying the state of the catering industry.


06/27/20 Detailed explanation from the head of the URA Legal Committee “Can the authorities limit the working hours of catering companies? Why are these restrictions illegal?


26.06.20 Meeting with the Head of Poltava Regional State Administration. Development of a single checklist for inspecting restaurants for compliance with sanitary norms. Discussion of joint actions related to the development of gastrotourism in Poltava.


25.06.20 Working meeting of URA with the Deputy Head of Sumy Regional State Administration. The ways of weakening the control of public catering facilities of Sumy region by the controlling bodies in connection with the "green" zone of the region and the low risk of spreading coronavirus were discussed.


24.06.20 We visited Kharkiv and met with the Head of the Regional State Administration Oleksiy Kucher. A strategy has been developed to weaken the control of the region's restaurant business by introducing a single checklist for inspectors and restaurateurs.


24.06.20 Consultation “HACCP. How to implement what cannot be implemented "


23.06.20 The capital's restaurants were allowed to work in the halls subject to quarantine norms and restrictions.


22.06.20 Dialogue with the Kyiv authorities on the inexpediency and unfoundedness of the requirement to apply ELISA tests to catering workers at the expense of the employer. The norm was abolished.


18.06.20 New parameters of adaptive quarantine have been introduced, which allow to return to the restaurant industry of most "closed" regions within 2 weeks.


15.06.20 Organized and conducted a training for members of the Association "How to act during the inspection by government agencies."


13.06. Prepared and disseminated free of charge Rules of operation of restaurants in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the Ministry of Health for the operation of restaurants in a coronavirus pandemic


05.06.20 The restaurant industry can be fully operational from June 5. Hooray! The Cabinet of Ministers has allowed the opening of quarantine halls in most regions of Ukraine.


02.06.20 Organized and held a Peace Action  #openrestaurant  # million unemployed  near the walls of the Cabinet of Ministers. 500 representatives of the restaurant industry demanded that the authorities give permission for the start of catering facilities in the halls, and not only on the summer grounds.


29.05.20 Meeting with the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine on the start of operation of fast food establishments.

The Ministry of Health appreciates the possibility of starting the work of the industry in the near future.


28.05.20 Second meeting - at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine with Deputy Minister Dmytro Romanovych. Agreed to support the opening of institutions in view of the critical situation in the field of public catering. Made a proposal to defer the payment of taxes and fees accrued during the quarantine period and to introduce a moratorium on inspections (for a longer period than before 30.05.2020)


28.05.20 A survey was conducted among the guests of the establishments to find out what they think about returning to restaurants after quarantine.


26.05.20 Address to the President and the Prime Minister on the possibility of public catering facilities in the halls.


On May 26, 20, the second online flashmob # Million Unemployed was organized  #VidkryRestaurants  with the requirement to open restaurants from May 25, 2020


24.05.20 An explanation of the part of the Order of the Kyiv City State Administration №47 of 23.05.2020 on the work of food establishments in Kyiv in quarantine conditions has been prepared.


22.05.20 URA agreed with the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine Lyashko VK about joint development of rules of opening of establishments after quarantine.


21.05.20 organized internet flashmob  #VidkryRestaurants  with the requirement to open restaurants from May 25, 2020


15.05.20 "Ukrainian Restaurant Association" is officially registered in Ukraine.


11.05.20 The government allowed the operation of open areas and terraces of cafes and restaurants.


08.05.20 official statement of Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko on business support after quarantine. "For summer playgrounds, the city plans to set a symbolic fixed amount of equity participation - 1 hryvnia."


07.05.20 Survey "How does the coronavirus and related activities affect the Ukrainian restaurant industry, especially business owners".


05.05.20 Four yoga classes specially prepared by specialists for restaurant workers.


30.04.20 Legal advice on labor relations during quarantine.


29.04.20 Free conference "Introduction to coaching as a tool for finding resources in yourself and support in conditions of uncertainty."


28.04.20 Legal advice on the application of force majeure to the quarantine situation.


04/28/20 Address to the Prime Minister of Ukraine through the People's Deputies regarding the opening of summer restaurant grounds.


04/28/20 Public announcement of the establishment of the "Ukrainian Restaurant Association" on the basis of the All-Ukrainian Anti-Crisis Center, created by UA Restaurateur.


28.04.20 Fifth video broadcast of the All-Ukrainian Anti-Crisis Center of Restaurateurs (analysis of events for the week, market situation, problems and ways to solve them)


24.04.20 Appeal to Vitali Klitschko with a request to release the owners of summer playgrounds of Kyiv restaurants from paying the share contribution in 2020.


04/27/20 Free support for restaurant staff from professional coaches ICU Coaching Institute


22.04.20 Research "What are restaurant guests afraid of in a pandemic?"


21.04.20 Support and popularization of the Public appeal of restaurateurs to the Cabinet of Ministers with a request for permission to open summer restaurant grounds.


21.04.20 Fourth video broadcast of the All-Ukrainian Anti-Crisis Center of Restaurateurs (analysis of events for the week, market situation, problems and ways to solve them)


22.04.20 The first meeting of the legal and HR committees of the WACR


14.04.20 The third video broadcast of the All-Ukrainian Anti-Crisis Center of Restaurateurs (analysis of events for the week, market situation, problems and ways to solve them)


09.04.20 Large survey of restaurateurs of the country on the actual figures for all regions and formats for March 2020.


07.04.20 Second video broadcast of the All-Ukrainian Anti-Crisis Center of Restaurateurs (analysis of events for the week, market situation, problems and ways to solve them)


03.04.20 Clarification of the legal possibilities of regulating the relationship between tenant and landlord


02.04.20 The first video broadcast of the All-Ukrainian Anti-Crisis Center of Restaurateurs (on the state of the market, problems, solutions)


30.03.20 The first survey on the actual state of the restaurant market in Ukraine; about how the coronavirus affects business and what restaurateurs do for the safety of their guests, employees and themselves.


27.03.20 How safe is the delivery of food in quarantine, and how to make it even safer. Answers to questions from restaurateurs


26.03.20 UA Restorator initiative to create a platform to support restaurants # Спасем_Наши_Рестораны_Вместе


19.03.20 The first open consultation "How to work in quarantine restaurants in the legal field"


19.03.20 UA Restorator creates "All-Ukrainian Anti-Crisis Center of Restaurateurs"



17.03.20 The Government of Ukraine is sending the restaurant business to quarantine. ..

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