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Why participate?

1. Support and information

It is difficult to manage a restaurant business.  We are close  to help.

  • Information digests of legal, tax and industry news. We closely and professionally follow the latest news and events and send them to you;

  • Open legal online consultation -  Once a month;

  • Open online consultation on food safety (HACCP, etc.) -  Once a month;

  • Legal hotline - 2 calls or 2 hours  included in the annual package;

  • Food Safety Hotline (HACCP, etc.) - 2 calls or 2 hours  included in the annual package;

  • Industry research and reports. Prepared on the basis of objective data of the members of the Association. Our surveys and research will provide insight and insight into things that are important to all of us. For example, the cut of industry wage rates gives an understanding of the average wage rates in the country as a whole and in your region, helps to learn about trends and trends in this direction, helps to build the right personnel policy in the institution) 

2. Lobbying industry interests, protecting rights and improving the economic climate.

We make every effort to ensure that your opinion and needs are in the focus of the authorities' attention when making important decisions. We work with various government institutions and organizations. We build relationships, make suggestions and lobby for change to be  confident that the voice of the industry sounds loud and clear. About our achievements  read here>

3. Networking, communication and collaboration.

Meetings full of inspiration and exchange of experiences, practical tools and industry ideas. We believe that access to this community is one of the most valuable benefits of membership in the Ukrainian Restaurant Association.

  • Annual conference of members of the Association;

  • Regional meetings, working sessions;

  • Master classes on trends, new techniques and products;

  • Assistance in finding employees and employment;

  • Telegram channel and chat to communicate with colleagues.

4. Gastrotourism. Regional development.

  • Organization of trips (domestic and abroad) to share experiences with colleagues;

  • Informing at the national level about local producers, specialties and local dishes;

  • Organization of trend tours on  Ukraine and foreign colleagues.

5. Formation and development of relevant professional education.

Cooperation with specialized educational institutions: lectures, internships, employment

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