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Vision, Mission and Goals of the Association


The vision of the Ukrainian Restaurant Association is a prosperous and hospitable community of restaurants and other catering establishments, whose activities promote the development of taste, hospitality and high quality of life of Ukraine and Ukrainians.


The mission of the Ukrainian Restaurant Association is to serve the development of the restaurant industry and ensure its success. To do this, we: increase operational efficiency, reduce risks and develop talent; increase and protect the viability of business at the national and local levels; we stimulate the exchange of experience and cooperation of industry representatives.


We set ambitious, noble, achievable goals:

1. Promotion and dissemination of key values: hospitality, cooperation, trust and professionalism.

2. Joining the efforts of market participants to improve cooperation with central and local government;

3. Development of the ecosystem of the restaurant business of Ukraine, its transformation into the Gastrocenter of Western Europe;

4. Promoting food security;

5. Comprehensive support of members of the association;

6. Communications and development of vocational education, establishing effective interaction between educational institutions and restaurant companies is a new level of vocational education.

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